Saturday, October 2, 2010


This video advertisement by Nike caught my attention because I am naturally a sports fan. This ad is effective because it appeals to all people on a fundamental level. This advertisement gets me excited with the word "BOOM" symbolizing a moment or feeling that cannot be described in any other way. This ad is reaching out to a very demographically diverse audience. This advertisement targets young and old alike, from every culture and creed attempting to relate their brand lifestyle with every individual they can reach. The concept behind the marketing idea of "BOOM" is subjective to the audience and becomes what they envision it. This video not only encompasses celebrity endorsements and sports, but the fans and everyday people that make the "BOOM" moment happen. My favorite part of the video ad is towards the beginning when Rick Ross, rapper and producer, buys some ice at a jewelry store. Hanging from his necklace is a mini diamond inlaid version of him, as he puts it on and looks in the mirror he blurts out the only word to describe the moment, "BOOM!"

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