Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sprint Films: Epic Kiss

I came across this hilarious commercial while looking through Sprint commercials after blogging about the Sprint NFL Mobile commercial that features Peyton Manning. Although the Sprint Epic Kiss commercial comes from the same company, it is completely different in that there is no dialogue besides the narration at the end. Also the Sprint Epic Kiss commercial uses everyday people to act in their commercial opposed to the use of Peyton Manning as a celebrity endorsement. I like this commercial because it made me laugh out loud. At the climax of the commercial a man and woman approach each other in an alley, the girl takes off her glasses and shakes out her hair while giving the man a sexy innocent look. At this point in the commercial the audience is thinking back to the most recent movie containing a cheesy make out scene and then the ad takes a twist. The camera pans to the man who spits out his gum, takes off his glasses, and lets his hair out too. The man proceeds to jump into the woman's arms and kiss her, just as their lips touch it begins to pour rain. I think this spoof on make out scenes is hilarious and original. This humor works for this commercial because they chose to overstate every aspect of a stereotypical make out scene.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

HP Beats Audio

This commercial is filmed in rapper and producer Dr. Dre's recording studio in Los Angeles, California. It is advertising HP Beats Audio, a computer with programming specifically for making music, which is designed in collaboration with Dr Dre. The commercial consists of Dr. Dre working in his studio and a dorky guy asking about the product. HP chose not only to use Dr. Dre to endorse their product but also used him in the advertising. By using Dre's status as a rapper and producer they increased their credibility as a company on the breaking edge in the music industry. HP also uses humor specifically by comparing Dr. Dre, who is familiar with current hip-hop music and culture, with a nerdy office guy who is goofy and clueless about HP Beats Audio. Although I like the premise behind the commercial, Dr. Dre's music and productions, and the use of Dre as an endorser of the product, I think they should have spent more time explaining or demonstrating what the product actually does. Overall I like the ad but think that it should have had more dialogue about the product and its features.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sprint NFL Mobile

This ad is for Sprint NFL Mobile and is staring Peyton Manning, the quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. The commercial is humorous because Peyton is disguised with a wig and a fake moustache, but you can still definitely tell it is him. During the commercial he discusses the many customizable features that Sprint NFL Mobile has. He also explains that Sprint NFL Mobile will make you a better football fan by giving you real time footage and stats. Next Peyton, while acting like the disguise is hiding his identity, states, "You can follow players like Peyton Manning...that is if you like six foot five inch quarterbacks with laser-rocket arms..." This kind of humor works well with Peyton Manning as a well known celebrity endorser who backs Sprint NFL Mobile. The fact that Peyton Manning is a well known celebrity makes the humor more effective, which relates to a more effective advertisement. Another advertisement that follows this theme is the Hanes Lay-Flat Collar commercials with Michael Jordan who is very well known. In the commercial Jordan is on a plane and the passenger next to him pretends to not know who he is, which plays into the humor and theme of the commercial. These two commercials are similar in theory, but I think that Sprint made a more efficient and humorous advertisement.