Saturday, September 25, 2010

Audi R8

This is an advertisement for the Audi A8 sports car. Audi is a high-end make of car from Europe and is characterized by their class, power, and aggressive styling. In this ad a police officer is stalking a criminal through a parking garage. Then the ad cuts to another part of the garage where a gorgeous woman is getting out of her Audi A8. As the criminal moves through the garage towards the Audi and the woman the officer spots him and demands for him to freeze. The criminal points and gun at the officer and the officer returns the favor. An intense standoff follows as the criminal swings his gun towards the woman the officer does not flinch. As the criminal points the gun at the Audi and screams drop your weapon or I will shoot only then does the officer put down his gun. This advertisement positions the Audi A8 as a sports car for people on the edge, specifically a younger audience. This beautiful woman in the A8 also complements the car. What stands out most in this ad is that it throws you for a loop when the officer obeys the criminal when he threatens to shoot the car. All in all I like this ad; I believe the action narrative makes it believable, until you are thrown for a humorous twist.

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