Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kenny Powers & Jeremy Shockey-K Swiss

This is a commercial paid for by the K Swiss shoe company. I like this ad and also think that it is effective. This ad
is a T.V. commercial. K Swiss is using
celebrity endorsement and humor to
advertise their new "Tubes" shoes.
The Tubes are very similar to Nikes Shocks. K Swiss did a good job of setting their shoes apart from Nike's with an original advertisement.
In the ad Jeremy Shockey, professional football player on the New Orleans Saints, is challenged by Kenny Powers, the main character from the HBO series East Bound and Down. The character of Kenny Powers is a arrogant ex pro baseball player who has lost his talent to pitch, yet still thinks a lot of himself.
While working out in the gym Shockey and Powers have a competition on the leg press machine. As they progress through their sets they gradually grunt and yell louder and louder as they lift. Powers racks the weights first after claiming he finished his 1,000,000th rep and stating, "Shockey you got nothing!"
The humor and celebrities were original, and went well together. They also combined to make a very memorable commercial. There are other videos in this series using the same premise with Kenny Powers and other athletes.
This video can be found on YouTube under the title "Kenny Powers and Jeremy Shockey stare down-K Swiss.