Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rock it Like Block: Ford Fiesta

This commercial featuring Ken Block, professional rally driver, was created in collaboration with Ford and Monster. It begins as he walks out of his house and gets into his rally modified Ford Fiesta. He explains, "Since I started driving the Fiesta, I can't say my life has changed much. I still have to do the everyday things." Block proceeds to provide a fun and exciting display of his driving skills while simultaneously doing his everyday chores. These chores included taking out a trash bag, which he throws out his window while drifting a turn. Next he zooms pasts his mailbox and throws in his bills, he finishes by doing doughnuts in a grocery store parking lot. As soon as he gets out of his Monster sponsored car, you see that he is dressed head to toe in monster racing gear. Finally he throws in a promo to his website, where you can buy merchandise and enter to win a modified Ford Fiesta. The combination of the rally racing, Ken Block as a celebrity endorser, and multiple advertisements, logos, and promotions into one commercial made this ad stand out. As more research is constantly conducted concerning advertising and how to maximize its effectiveness, this advertisement did a good job of trying something new and setting itself apart by using multiple tactics and by giving a consistent theme to entire commercial.

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