Saturday, October 9, 2010

1800 Tequila - Shot Top Commercial

With several competitors in the tequila game, 1800 had to take a risk and try a new approach to their advertising. This fifteen second television advertisement for 1800 Tequila uses several different advertising techniques to position their tequila. The ad consists of "Christopher" from The Sopranos as the celebrity endorser. He is dressed well in a suit and tie, his hair pulled back, looking very cool. First he picks up the bottle of 1800 and gives a demonstration of how to use the shot top. This addition to their bottle was a big part of their new line of ads in attempt to position the product as cool or stylish. This brand image is also reflected in the choice of the use of a Sopranos character as their celebrity endorsement. Although the market audience may not make the direct connection to The Sopranos series, they understand the image he is portraying. "Christopher" even goes as far as to state, "That's cool!" after he watched the bottle poor a shot. Then asked "What can your bottle do?...Nothing!". 1800 is deliberately comparing the two products in attempt to make Patron Tequila look out dated. In general I liked the advertisement, especially the idea of manipulating the appearance of the product in order to reposition it.

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