Saturday, September 25, 2010

Audi R8

This is an advertisement for the Audi A8 sports car. Audi is a high-end make of car from Europe and is characterized by their class, power, and aggressive styling. In this ad a police officer is stalking a criminal through a parking garage. Then the ad cuts to another part of the garage where a gorgeous woman is getting out of her Audi A8. As the criminal moves through the garage towards the Audi and the woman the officer spots him and demands for him to freeze. The criminal points and gun at the officer and the officer returns the favor. An intense standoff follows as the criminal swings his gun towards the woman the officer does not flinch. As the criminal points the gun at the Audi and screams drop your weapon or I will shoot only then does the officer put down his gun. This advertisement positions the Audi A8 as a sports car for people on the edge, specifically a younger audience. This beautiful woman in the A8 also complements the car. What stands out most in this ad is that it throws you for a loop when the officer obeys the criminal when he threatens to shoot the car. All in all I like this ad; I believe the action narrative makes it believable, until you are thrown for a humorous twist.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Absolut Vodka

Absolut vodka is known for its extremely creative and effective advertising. However many people consider Absolut brand vodka to be a fraud because they created their entire marketing plan before they created the actual vodka.

Absolut's most valuable asset is their brand and their brand image. Absoluts' advertising department has used many precise and purposeful tactics to develop that image over a period of time. This image is created and portrayed by the company. Although some call it fraud, most consider it a crafty marketing technique that has proven itself effective time and time again.

The specific advertisement that I looked at this week was for the original flavor of Absolut vodka and is in the form of an image.

The ad does an effective job of portraying the brands' image through the elaborate gold and diamond jewelry. These specific items are there so people associate Absolut vodka with wealth, high class and/or royalty.

Absolut vodka is a great example of a product whose brand, and brand image are crucial to the success of their companies. Absoluts' brand image is what allows for the mass marketing of their product. In conclusion this ad is effective in expressing the brand image while being interesting and fun at the same time.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Spice | Ray Lewis

In the last couple of years Old Spice has taken their advertising to a new level. The newest line of Old Spice commercials uses the same brand personality as the last campaign with the "Old Spice Man". Old Spice positions their products to a male audience, they also make claims about what it does for them and that it is the "x-factor". This is especially evident in their latest commercial campaign with National Football League All-Star Ray Lewis and Old Spice's newest body wash called "Swagger". The name of the product alone says a lot about the business plan and target audience of this campaign. This commercial is genius because it uses Ray Lewis's celebrity status and personality to perfectly compliment the brand image that they have so carefully created for the "Swagger" campaign. During the commercial Ray explains he plays real football stating, "It's like fantasy, only it's real!". He goes on to explain what you need to be a pro football player: hard work, body muscles, a pinch of love, and Swagger Old Spice body wash. Ray Lewis exhibits his magical "swagger" throughout the commercial. As Ray stepped out of the shower covered in Swagger body wash suds, he jumped onto his magical bird named Raven. The last thing that I noticed is the placement of Ray Lewis's name, and the use of words and images relating to the Ravens NFL team throughout the advertisement. All of the above mentioned elements work very well together to make a funny and very memorable commercial.