Saturday, October 30, 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops

Call of Duty really stepped up their advertising with this commercial. The first time I saw the new Call of Duty Black Ops commercial I was impressed and found myself watching just to see what happened next. This commercial is aimed at a wide audience of people, the point being that anyone can play. It shows a variety of people playing as if they were actually in the game including a little girl, a construction worker and a well dressed business woman. It even includes several celebrities including Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant. The sound track playing throughout the commercial goes right along with the tone and content of the advertisement. The hype and advertising that has accompanied the release of this game has been huge, and this commercial helps to expand the market. The campaigns slogan is, "There's a soldier in all of us." By using a diverse range of people in this commercial they are reaching out to new audiences that in general would not play this type of video game. Overall I think that this is one of the best video game commercials I have seen. Not to mention the makers of Black Ops expect, and I'm sure that they will attain, profit directly correlated with the effectiveness of the epic promotion and advertising they put in place.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Miller Lite Love You Commercial

This commercial for Miller Lite is currently being aired. It uses humor associated with the notion of love, the relationship between the couple, and the man's relationship to his Miller Lite. While sitting alone at a bar a couple's conversation turns serious when the female states, "I've been meaning to tell you something..." Her statement catches the attention of the male long enough for her to say that she loves him. After realizing what he had heard, he acted baffled and stuttered as he could not tell her that he loved her. As he stuttered through his poor attempt at proclaiming his love to his girl, the waitress walked up to the table and interrupted. Then she asked, "Would you like another Miller Lite?" and the man enthusiastically responded saying, "I'd love one!" Miller Lite used humor in an attempt to explain the relationship between their beer and the people who consume it, specifically males. This commercial is a part of a series that involves dating and Miller Lite. This specific commercial is stating that the man's relationship to his Miller Lite is more worthy of love than his girlfriend. Although the Miller Lite dating commercial series is funny, I question its efficiency. I think that the way they are attempting to position their product and the statement they are making concerning it is too bold.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Rock it Like Block: Ford Fiesta

This commercial featuring Ken Block, professional rally driver, was created in collaboration with Ford and Monster. It begins as he walks out of his house and gets into his rally modified Ford Fiesta. He explains, "Since I started driving the Fiesta, I can't say my life has changed much. I still have to do the everyday things." Block proceeds to provide a fun and exciting display of his driving skills while simultaneously doing his everyday chores. These chores included taking out a trash bag, which he throws out his window while drifting a turn. Next he zooms pasts his mailbox and throws in his bills, he finishes by doing doughnuts in a grocery store parking lot. As soon as he gets out of his Monster sponsored car, you see that he is dressed head to toe in monster racing gear. Finally he throws in a promo to his website, where you can buy merchandise and enter to win a modified Ford Fiesta. The combination of the rally racing, Ken Block as a celebrity endorser, and multiple advertisements, logos, and promotions into one commercial made this ad stand out. As more research is constantly conducted concerning advertising and how to maximize its effectiveness, this advertisement did a good job of trying something new and setting itself apart by using multiple tactics and by giving a consistent theme to entire commercial.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

1800 Tequila - Shot Top Commercial

With several competitors in the tequila game, 1800 had to take a risk and try a new approach to their advertising. This fifteen second television advertisement for 1800 Tequila uses several different advertising techniques to position their tequila. The ad consists of "Christopher" from The Sopranos as the celebrity endorser. He is dressed well in a suit and tie, his hair pulled back, looking very cool. First he picks up the bottle of 1800 and gives a demonstration of how to use the shot top. This addition to their bottle was a big part of their new line of ads in attempt to position the product as cool or stylish. This brand image is also reflected in the choice of the use of a Sopranos character as their celebrity endorsement. Although the market audience may not make the direct connection to The Sopranos series, they understand the image he is portraying. "Christopher" even goes as far as to state, "That's cool!" after he watched the bottle poor a shot. Then asked "What can your bottle do?...Nothing!". 1800 is deliberately comparing the two products in attempt to make Patron Tequila look out dated. In general I liked the advertisement, especially the idea of manipulating the appearance of the product in order to reposition it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


This video advertisement by Nike caught my attention because I am naturally a sports fan. This ad is effective because it appeals to all people on a fundamental level. This advertisement gets me excited with the word "BOOM" symbolizing a moment or feeling that cannot be described in any other way. This ad is reaching out to a very demographically diverse audience. This advertisement targets young and old alike, from every culture and creed attempting to relate their brand lifestyle with every individual they can reach. The concept behind the marketing idea of "BOOM" is subjective to the audience and becomes what they envision it. This video not only encompasses celebrity endorsements and sports, but the fans and everyday people that make the "BOOM" moment happen. My favorite part of the video ad is towards the beginning when Rick Ross, rapper and producer, buys some ice at a jewelry store. Hanging from his necklace is a mini diamond inlaid version of him, as he puts it on and looks in the mirror he blurts out the only word to describe the moment, "BOOM!"