Saturday, September 4, 2010

Old Spice | Ray Lewis

In the last couple of years Old Spice has taken their advertising to a new level. The newest line of Old Spice commercials uses the same brand personality as the last campaign with the "Old Spice Man". Old Spice positions their products to a male audience, they also make claims about what it does for them and that it is the "x-factor". This is especially evident in their latest commercial campaign with National Football League All-Star Ray Lewis and Old Spice's newest body wash called "Swagger". The name of the product alone says a lot about the business plan and target audience of this campaign. This commercial is genius because it uses Ray Lewis's celebrity status and personality to perfectly compliment the brand image that they have so carefully created for the "Swagger" campaign. During the commercial Ray explains he plays real football stating, "It's like fantasy, only it's real!". He goes on to explain what you need to be a pro football player: hard work, body muscles, a pinch of love, and Swagger Old Spice body wash. Ray Lewis exhibits his magical "swagger" throughout the commercial. As Ray stepped out of the shower covered in Swagger body wash suds, he jumped onto his magical bird named Raven. The last thing that I noticed is the placement of Ray Lewis's name, and the use of words and images relating to the Ravens NFL team throughout the advertisement. All of the above mentioned elements work very well together to make a funny and very memorable commercial.

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