Saturday, November 13, 2010

HP Beats Audio

This commercial is filmed in rapper and producer Dr. Dre's recording studio in Los Angeles, California. It is advertising HP Beats Audio, a computer with programming specifically for making music, which is designed in collaboration with Dr Dre. The commercial consists of Dr. Dre working in his studio and a dorky guy asking about the product. HP chose not only to use Dr. Dre to endorse their product but also used him in the advertising. By using Dre's status as a rapper and producer they increased their credibility as a company on the breaking edge in the music industry. HP also uses humor specifically by comparing Dr. Dre, who is familiar with current hip-hop music and culture, with a nerdy office guy who is goofy and clueless about HP Beats Audio. Although I like the premise behind the commercial, Dr. Dre's music and productions, and the use of Dre as an endorser of the product, I think they should have spent more time explaining or demonstrating what the product actually does. Overall I like the ad but think that it should have had more dialogue about the product and its features.

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